Attorney SEO

We provide Internet Marketing and SEO Services for Attorneys and Investigators.

We are currently contracted for SEO work for a Law Firm in Evansville and also an Evansville Investigator.  Because of the conflict it would cause, Evansville SEO will not be accepting new clients at this time in the Evansville area.

We currently have Indianapolis DUI Attorney website available for lease or sale.  Please fill out a contact form or call 812-401-1066 for more details.

If you have a law firm or investigator practice outside of the Evansville area, please contact us for a free website and SEO evaluation.

As your Internet marketing partner, we offer a broad range of Internet marketing searches such as search engine optimization, professionally designed Web sites, and pay-per-action services.

Promoting and optimizing your law firm or investigative services web site with the search engines is by far the best way to drive a steady stream of potential new clients to you and your site.  Its key that your web site has a search engine friendly web design, is optimized for keywords that are related to your practice, is included in key search directories and has quality links from other related websites, among other things.

If your law firm or office is not showing up on page #1 for the keyword ‘Evansville Attorney’ and/or if your firm is not in the top 7 on Google Places, you are missing out a significant amount of traffic to your website and your business.  Look at the search results below and if you are not on there…

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